Willy Jacks BBQ

Little did Bill Mayberry (co-founder of Carolina BBQ Company) realize in 1992 while driving north from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina towing a pig cooker and a recipe in his pocket, that his sauce would later be tasted and loved at top sport venues throughout the United States. Such events that include The Kentucky Derby, The Super Bowl, Shea Stadium, Saratoga Race Course, Belmont Race Track, Gulfstream Race Track and many others. Bill decided that every household should be able to sample the savory sauces at their own BBQ events!

In 2010 Willy Jacks BBQ Co. was formed, emerging with a unique new sauce made with apples grown in the orchards of eastern Pennsylvania. A combination of apple cider, peppers, raisins, spices, and a hickory flavor delivering an unbelievable flavor for all your grilling needs. This certainly will become a favorite sauce of yours with just one taste.

Along with the Carolina Classic, the Original and now the Apple Hickory, Willy Jack’s has a taste for all BBQ sauce lovers. Whether you are a seasoned BBQ pro or a weekend grill master you’ll be in for an exceptional treat when you use our assortment of BBQ blends.